On Second Thought

I’ve decided that I’m not going to build the AllStar distro after all. I have too many things going on, and just don’t have the time! Sorry to those looking forward to it. If you have the time to code it, let me know by sending me a message, and I’ll send you the code.

How to trash your Bash: A how to guide

The objective for this guide is to walk you threw the necessary steps to update your version of Bash used by OS X, because you’re Mac should belong to you, not some random creepy hacker, right? You worked long and hard for that shiny knew Mac. Why should they get to use it for free?! Actually, you might be paying him or her to use it because you probably have your iTunes credits, and all of your banking information saved in various places on your Mac. Giving all that stuff away to anyone isn’t cool, right? Right!
So let’s give creepy hacker a run for his or her money, and not yours!

What You’ll Need

1. an internet connection, which you probably have if you’re viewing this page.
2. A working Apple ID.
3. At least five or six Gigs of space on your hard drive.
Ok, so I’ve got an internet connection seeing as I am reading this guide after all, I have an Apple ID, I’ve got the space, Can we get on with the fix please?
Sure we can.

What To Do

1. Open up the AppStore.
2. Search for “Xcode” and install it.
Note: Xcode is required for this Bash upgrade to work.
3. Open Xcode and agree to the terms and conditions.
Note: The terminal will give you the opportunity to do this, but I found doing it in Xcode itself was easier.
3. After you agree, Xcode will ask you to install extra components. Go ahead and let it install them. It shouldn’t take too long.
4. Once everything is installed, you can close Xcode.
5. In Finder, navigate to the “Utilities” folder.
6. Near the bottom of the list, you should find “Terminal”. Open it.

Ok, I’ve got this thing open. It’s a bunch of text and I don’t know what to do! Help!
Don’t panic, it’s not really that bad. Promise.

Time To Have Some Fun

I’ve listed these commands on separate lines to make this job easier. What job you ask? Well, all of these commands need to be copied and then pasted into Terminal one at a time.
Press enter to run the pasted commands.

1. mkdir bash-fix
2. cd bash-fix
3. curl https://opensource.apple.com/tarballs/bash/bash-92.tar.gz | tar zxf –
4. cd bash-92/bash-3.2
5. curl https://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/bash/bash-3.2-patches/bash32-052 | patch -p0
6. cd ..
7. sudo xcodebuild
Note: This command will ask you for your password. Type your account password and press enter.
A bunch of text will scroll bye. It’s just Xcode doing it’s thing.


1. If you want to remove the “bash-fix” folder you made using the very first command, type the following:
cd ~
sudo rm -rf bash-fix
Press enter and type your account password if prompted.
You should now be upgraded to a version of Bash not effected by the Shellshock bug.
Finally: You might want to tell Creepy hacker the only hacking they should be doing is the type done by your lungs when you’re sick.

Catching Up

Just wanted to let you all know we’re still around. On behalf of Jl Applied Technologies, I would like to take time once again to thank everyone who has listened to our podcast, and who has given us site feedback. We said we’d have more contend hopefully sometime in August, but life got in the way. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we’re able to record another episode of the podcast.
Keep on the look out for it, because it’s going to be full of ranting!
What about? Well, stay tuned to find out!
One of us will keep you posted when we’ve posted. Until then, see you next update with a podcast I hope.
Remember that if you want to get in touch with us, follow us on twitter, or send us an email.

No Windows? No Problem!

In episode 3 of the JL Applied Technologies Podcast, we talk about alternative operating systems to Windows.

We feature Mac Os from Apple, and Ubuntu Linux from Canonical.


We talk about advantages and disadvantages of using both systems, as well as accessibility challenges incountered while using them.

J talks about the learning curve of switching to the Mac, and I talk about the learning curve of switching to Ubuntu.

We compare some applications in our respective operating systems to their counterparts in Windows.

In the podcast, I mentioned that you can get a duel-quad-core system from System76. I may have spoken incorrectly. (I can’t find one.) However, If you want to get a prebuilt Ubuntu box, Check them out!

Learn more about Mac accessibility features at Apple’s Accessibility Page.

For greater accessibility in Ubuntu 13.04, Download Ubuntu Gnome.

Unity is currently broken in 13.04 as far as accessibility. Also, you will want to remove Evolution and replace it with Thunderbird. Instructions are in the Podcast! *smile*

When using Ubuntu Gnome, you will not get any sound to let you know that the system is booted. After inserting your bootable media, wait for five minutes. At this point, your system should be booted. After the system boots, press the super key (Windows logo key on most PC’s) and type “orca” without the quotes and press enter. At this point, you can explore the system, or install it.

Learn more about Ubuntu accessibility by going to the Ubuntu Accessibility Wiki, and the Ubuntu Accessibility Documentation Page.

As always, you can Follow us on Twitter, as well as Send us Feedback.


Catching up with our listeners

Hi there,
After over two months of saying we’re going to record more podcast episodes, here we are.
We are actually, finally, definitely, going to record one today.
On behalf of Jl Applied Technologies, I would like to extend my own personal apology to our listeners for keeping you all waiting. We didn’t forget about you, but we had some technical issues to overcome, as well as and let’s all be honest here, procrastination.
This episode will be entitled “No Windows, no problem!”
Now that that’s taken care of, I would like to let everybody know that we now have a Zello channel.
If you would like to connect with us, we are willing to have a preshow chat with anybody who wishes to join.
Search for jltech and come right in, and have some fun. All we ask is that you obey the rules and respect everyone in the channel.
So with that said, we’ll be seeing you on Zello, and thanks for sticking around after so long without any news from us, we really appreciate it.

JL Applied Technologies