No Windows? No Problem!

In episode 3 of the JL Applied Technologies Podcast, we talk about alternative operating systems to Windows.

We feature Mac Os from Apple, and Ubuntu Linux from Canonical.


We talk about advantages and disadvantages of using both systems, as well as accessibility challenges incountered while using them.

J talks about the learning curve of switching to the Mac, and I talk about the learning curve of switching to Ubuntu.

We compare some applications in our respective operating systems to their counterparts in Windows.

In the podcast, I mentioned that you can get a duel-quad-core system from System76. I may have spoken incorrectly. (I can’t find one.) However, If you want to get a prebuilt Ubuntu box, Check them out!

Learn more about Mac accessibility features at Apple’s Accessibility Page.

For greater accessibility in Ubuntu 13.04, Download Ubuntu Gnome.

Unity is currently broken in 13.04 as far as accessibility. Also, you will want to remove Evolution and replace it with Thunderbird. Instructions are in the Podcast! *smile*

When using Ubuntu Gnome, you will not get any sound to let you know that the system is booted. After inserting your bootable media, wait for five minutes. At this point, your system should be booted. After the system boots, press the super key (Windows logo key on most PC’s) and type “orca” without the quotes and press enter. At this point, you can explore the system, or install it.

Learn more about Ubuntu accessibility by going to the Ubuntu Accessibility Wiki, and the Ubuntu Accessibility Documentation Page.

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A look at the Nexus 4 from an accessibility viewpoint

After many technical issues, we’re back with episode 2 of the JL Applied Technologies podcast.

In this show, we talk about the accessibility history of Android, and what accessibility is like in Jelly Bean. We cover business for the podcast, such as a properly working Ogg feed, and the fact that there won’t be any behind the scenes  episodes. (Sorry folks!)

J describes the Nexus 4 from Google. We walk you through the setup process of the Nexus.

We also explain why headphones are needed to type passwords and how to get around it.

J talks about the experience of switching from an iPhone to Android.

We speculate on the usefulness of Android in an education environment.

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Do you want to see my pal?

After a long long time, we’re finally here with our first podcast episode. We introduce ourselves, and talk about the podcast in terms of what we hope it to be, and its format, and so-on. We also have an unexpected guest make it’s appearance. So without further a do, make yourselves comfortable, and you can put down that fly swatter.


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