RasLink Moves To The PTTLink Network

ThePTTLink network is hosted by the development team that maintained the AllStarLink software and servers. PTTLink was started because of changes made by the AllStarLink board of directors that the development team did not approve of. See this Reddit Page for more information. Your AllStarLink account and node numbers will work on PTTLink. They have… Continue reading RasLink Moves To The PTTLink Network

RasLink-20.12 Released

RasLink-20.12 is based on Debian Stretch, which adds support for the Raspberry Pi 3B+. For more information, visit: RasLink: A Distribution For The AllStar Link System Related PostsReorganized The RasLink page Messed Up Usbradio Configuration File Makes Crazy Large Log File! New RasLink Image Released RasLink Documentation Restored RasLink 17.10 Released

Hard Disk Failure

One of the disks on the main JL Applied Technologies server has failed. No website account data was lost. The only people affected by this failure are those who have a private account. I spent from 10:00 hours October 11, 2018 to 08:30 hours October 12, 2018 attempting to recover the disk with no success.… Continue reading Hard Disk Failure

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