RasLink Still Under Development?

There have been a Few people asking me if I’m still working on RasLink. The answer is yes. I’m trying to figure out an upgrade path from Debian stretch to something newer.

If you download RasLink today, you will probably notice that part of system-update doesn’t work properly. This doesn’t prevent your node from functioning. This just means that some of the repositories RasLink relies on have been shutdown.

If you have any concerns, please use the Contact Form.

RasLink Moves To The PTTLink Network

ThePTTLink network is hosted by the development team that maintained the AllStarLink software and servers.
PTTLink was started because of changes made by the AllStarLink board of directors that the development team did not approve of. See this Reddit Page for more information.
Your AllStarLink account and node numbers will work on PTTLink.
They have been ported for you.
If you are an existing RasLink user, you don’t have to do anything special to convert to PTTLink. Just run system-update like normal.
A new image is available.
for more information, and to download the image, visit The RasLink Page.

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