Shocked by the Shell

We discuss the implications of Shellshock for Unix-based operating systems. These include both Mac and IOS, Android, and many Linux distributions. Related PostsOn Second Thought Messed Up Usbradio Configuration File Makes Crazy Large Log File! New RasLink Image Released

No Windows? No Problem!

In episode 3 of the JL Applied Technologies Podcast, we talk about alternative operating systems to Windows. We feature Mac Os from Apple, and Ubuntu Linux from Canonical.   We talk about advantages and disadvantages of using both systems, as well as accessibility challenges incountered while using them. J talks about the learning curve of… Continue reading No Windows? No Problem!

Hi there,
After over two months of saying we’re going to record more podcast episodes, here we are.
We are actually, finally, definitely, going to record one today.
On behalf of Jl Applied Technologies, I would like to extend my own personal apology to our listeners for keeping you all waiting. We didn’t forget about you, but we had some technical issues to overcome, as well as and let’s all be honest here, procrastination.
This episode will be entitled “No Windows, no problem!”
Now that that’s taken care of, I would like to let everybody know that we now have a Zello channel.
If you would like to connect with us, we are willing to have a preshow chat with anybody who wishes to join.
Search for jltech and come right in, and have some fun. All we ask is that you obey the rules and respect everyone in the channel.
So with that said, we’ll be seeing you on Zello, and thanks for sticking around after so long without any news from us, we really appreciate it.