Partition Failure

The JL Applied Technologies web server suffered a partition failure because of a script that I wrote that went horribly wrong! As a result, we lost some data. I’m working on restoring the missing RasLink documentation.
RasLink and Debian node owners will *not* be affected by this problem on their systems! This failure only affects this server.
If you try to log in, and your account doesn’t work after the second attempt, please RE-REGISTER. Do *not* try to log in more then five (5) times! If you do, your IP address may be banned.
I apologize for any inconvenience. I’m working as quickly as I can to restore as much missing data as is recoverable. The RasLink image is the latest version.
If you have any questions, or need assistance, please Contact Us.

Messed Up Usbradio Configuration File Makes Crazy Large Log File!

Hi everyone.
From the land of oops, I’m writing to suggest that you make a careful study of your /etc/asterisk/usbradio.conf file.
When I put comments into the file for explaining the low pass and high pass filters, I got a little rushed and forgot to put “;” (semicolons) on a few lines.
So, if you’re using the filters, here’s what you need to do:
There are two ways to fix this.
1. run:
cd /usr/src/utils
git pull
cp /usr/src/utils/AllStar-build/configs/usbradio.conf /etc/asterisk
Reset your configuration by editing the file.
Note: The fixed configuration will not be loaded until you run service asterisk restart or reboot your node.
2. If you don’t want to reconfigure usbradio.conf, run the following commands:
nano /etc/asterisk/usbradio.conf
Audio from internet
; Audio from internet
Audio to internet
; Audio to internet
CTRL+x, y, enter
I patched the files in the update repository, as well as released a new image so that new users won’t have to deal with this.
Also, if you try to run nano /var/log/asterisk/messages, and it seams to hang, don’t freak out! Your node *isn’t* broken! Your log has probably gotten huge from Asterisk trying, and failing to read those four lines you just fixed as variables.
I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.
If you need help, use the contact form.
Jeremy W0JRl

The Future Of Amateur Radio
Many people think that the amateur radio hobby is dying and or out of date. This is simply not true. Amateur radio has a lot to offer in today’s world of Cellphones and embedded computers.
From DMR, D-STAR, IRLP, to AllStar, EchoLink, and talking through satellites, Amateur Radio is still a driving force in our modern communications infrastructure. Internet linking allows Amateur Radio Operators (Hams) to instantly talk around the world.
Satellite repeaters, including the International Space Station, allow amateurs to participate in cutting edge space sciences.

One Amateur who strongly believes in the future of the hobby is Skyler Fennell (KD0WHB). Skyler is the 2016 Amateur Radio Newsline Young Ham of the Year recipient. He attends New Mexico School Of Mining And Technology in Socorro, New Mexico.
Skyler is the president of TARA (Tech Amateur Radio Association), which is the Amateur Radio club for the school.
Skyler is looking to purchase a Service Monitor that will be used by the students in the club and the surrounding amateur community.
To help Skyler get the service monitor for the club, and for more information about the club’s activities, checkout Skyler’s
GoFundMe Page.

JL Applied Technologies