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    I installed the new image and like a dummy did not keep any of my .conf files. I have been trying to configure for Skylers NanoStar node using his instructions but have been unsuccessful. The unit will ID with my call sign and when I issue the *70 command it gives me a “bedelbeep” but no nice lady talking. Same thing if I try *722. *721 does force…[Read more]

    • Jim,
      It sounds like your usbradio.conf file needs to be fixed.
      If you are running with the Baofeng generating CTCSS, you need to set txmixa to voice.
      Example: txmixa = voice
      Txmixb should be set to no.
      Also, carrierfrom should be set to usb, and ctcssfrom should be set to no.
      After making changes, type:
      service asterisk restart
      If the sound is too…[Read more]

  • Jim Langsted posted an update in the group RasLink 3 years, 6 months ago

    I downloaded the new image on 5/13 and suffered the same “command not found” error. Good to have a fix. Which fix do I use? Am I running RPI or Debian?

    • Jim,
      You need the fix for the RPI.

      • The only people that are running the Debian port are those who I gave a custom installation script to. The script to run on a normal Debian server is not released to the public… yet. Well, technically, if you know where to look on your Pi, it’s there. I’m using the same repository for both ports.

  • Jim Langsted posted an update in the group RasLink 3 years, 10 months ago

    Jeremy, I am having trouble getting my NanoStar node running. WD0WHB hardware and Pi 2 with your 10-15 image running on it. When I *329997 I usually get a beep but no node-connected message back. Do you have any troubleshooting recommend?

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