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    Please do not run a system-update as of May 13th, 2016. Raspbian updated their image, and it breaks AllStar. If you are a current node owner, please stay tuned for a fix.

    • Here’s the solution!
      To update your node, do the following:
      1. cd /usr/src/utils
      2. git reset –hard HEAD
      The word hard in the above command should have a double dash in front of it, not an N dash.
      3. git pull
      4. /usr/src/utils/AllStar-build/rpi/
      5. system-update

      If you already tried to update, and your node won’t boot, do the following:
      Remove the SD card from your pi and put it into your computer.
      A partition called boot should appear in your file browser.
      Open the boot partition. You should see a file called config.txt.
      This file needs to be replaced.
      You can get the new file from
      If you are using Firefox, the content of the file might be displayed, instead of the file being downloaded. If this happens rite-click anywhere in the window and choose “Save Page As…”
      After the file is downloaded, rename the file to config.txt. Do not put the trailing period!
      Next, put config.txt in the boot partition of your SD card.
      Then, put the card back into your pi and boot it.
      SSH into your pi.
      When you login, if update-stage2 tries to run, press CTRl-c 5 times to abort it.
      Next, run:
      cp /root/.bashrc.orig /root/.bashrc
      If you get
      “cp: cannot stat ‘/root/.bashrc.orig’: No such file or directory”
      when you run that command, that’s OK.
      Finally, run steps 1-5 from above.
      I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. I’m working on a new image, based on the latest version of Raspbian lite that will not have this issue. The new image will be released by the end of the day today.
      Questions, comments, feel the need to flame me personally, reply to this message, or use the contact form.


      • I forgot to add a command between steps 2 and 3.
        After step 2, run:
        git add .
        The period is part of the command.


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