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    RasLink has a new home!
    Hey everyone,
    I’m posting to let you know of a few changes here at JL Applied Technologies.
    The AllStar Raspbian Image information has moved. AllStar now has its own page, located at:

    RasLink For AllStar

    At the moment, the page is just a copy of the old post, with a few changes. However, I’ll be adding more documentation, and making the page lovable by Google.
    Also, I did it again! There’s a new image.
    The new image includes:
    * low pass and high pass filters in usbradio from upstream
    * jitter buffer for usbradio
    * bug fixes for EchoLink allow and deny lists from upstream
    * notch filter is off by default in rpt.conf
    Oh, and the download is even smaller!
    It’s just 534Mb.
    If you run system-update, you’ll get all the changes.
    If you don’t want to rebuild your node, but want to try the new jitter buffer and filters, do the following:
    1. Run system-update
    2. Copy /usr/src/utils/AllStar-build/configs/usbradio.conf to /etc/asterisk
    3. Reset your settings in usbradio.conf
    If you run your node with “rxdemod = speaker”, or your node is simplex, don’t forget to turn off “rxsquelchdelay”.
    4. Turn off “rxnotch” in rpt.conf (unless you need it)
    Rxnotch is useful if you have unwanted noises on your input frequency.
    If you need to use stacked notch filters, have a look at
    As always, if you get stuck, start a new thread here, or visit:

    Contact Us

    and fill in the form.
    Jeremy W0JRL

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